Come grow with us in God's Word and in fellowship. All classes begin at 9:30a. 

Here's a list of our classes organized generally by age grouping.

  • Location: Room 107

    Age: Post High School

    Facilitators: Steve & Joyce Camut

  • Location: Room 102

    Age: Young Married and Long Term Dating

    Facilitators: Daryl & Rhonda Seese

  • Location: Room 203, 205

    Age: 35+ (married and singles)

    Facilitators: Andrea Bricker, Wendy Clapsaddle, Kevin Reath, Galen Shoop

  • Location: Room 201

    Age: 30s - 60s (married and singles)

    Facilitator:  Chris Beard, Heather Hargleroad, Andrew Martin, Tom & Angel McDowell, Kari Ramsey, Craig Witmer

  • Location: Schoolhouse

    Age: 40s, 50s (married and singles)

    Facilitator: Dale Perry

  • Location: Room 110

    Age: Middle aged (married and singles)

    Facilitator: Chuck Ryan

  • Location: Room 104, 106

    Age: 40+ (married and singles)

    Facilitators: Ron Krum, Henry Mathers, Jere Gossert, Gary Goshorn

  • Location: Room 101, 103, 105

    Age: 50+ (married and singles)

    Facilitators: Jim Furry & Rich Speer

  • Location: Room 108

    Age: 60+ (married and singles)

    Facilitators: Pastor Garry and Galen Burkholder