Adults 50+, married or single

The Koinonia Sunday School class derives its name from the Greek translated “genuine fellowship of believers” found in Acts 2:42 which says “They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”. The class is composed of adults ranging in ages from 40 to their 70’s who gather together to study and learn God’s word, to enjoy fellowship, and to support one another in prayer as was emphasized in this verse. The teachers are Jim Furry and Rich Speer


The usual class format consists of a period of prayer followed by a time of teaching.  During the prayer time, individuals who choose to do so share their praises and prayer requests with the class. A time of prayer is usually led by the teachers and we praise God for what he has done for us and pray for those concerns and requests shared by the class members. This prayer time is an important part of the class as it allows us to encourage and support one another through prayer. Each Sunday’s Praises and Prayer Requests are e-mailed to all class members so they can pray for them through the week.


After the prayer time we have a time of learning from God’s word. Our goal as teachers is to present and study God’s word in a manner that helps give everyone a deeper understanding  of Godly principles that allow them to “live like Jesus lived” on a daily basis. We use a combination of lecture and discussion that may include power point presentations, videos and music. Class discussion is encouraged during the lesson. We are currently studying about Prayer and what we can learn from the Prayer life of Jesus. Upon completion of these lessons we will begin a study on the “Parables of Jesus” which will include video presentations and discussion.


The class financially supports the TEAM Thailand ministry of Bryan and Emily Gerlach; the SOARS Ministry of Fred Holcomb, the Home church ministry of Christopher and Liz Little as well as other church mission projects. We also partner with the Youth Department and provide Christmas gifts for residents of several group homes that are part of the CROSS ministry in Chambersburg. Class members also assist those during a time of need through a love offering system.


We enjoy spending time together and engage in several planned activities during the year. These include a breakfast at Caledonia State Park, an “Amish” meal, concerts, plays and other social activities that usually include some type of food and fellowship. Since we enjoy times of fellowship, Impromptu gatherings occur from time to time.


We invite you to come visit us and join us in our journey to “Live like Jesus Lived”.

Lessons Studied:

  • Experiencing God
  • Jude
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John
  • John