guidelines for gathering

It is important that each individual and family decide for themselves when it is time to return to on-site gatherings. Some will be quick to return. Others won’t be able to return until after a vaccine is in place. Many will be somewhere in-between. All of these are good choices and we support you in making the right choice for your own health, safety, and comfort.

For those who choose to attend on-site, please carefully consider the following guidelines:

  • If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to individuals who have either tested positive for COVID-19 or are quarantining, please join us online instead of coming to an on-site gathering.

  • Spacing: Spatial distancing of 6’ is required for all on-site activities. Members of a household may sit together with out spacing.

  • Masks: Masks are required at all times when gathered in our facilities and on our campus. If you are unable to wear a mask, please join us online instead of coming to an on-site gathering.

  • Contact: There should be no handshaking, fist/elbow bumping, hugging, or any personal contact during on-site activities.

  • Shared Items: There should be no shared Bibles, handouts, writing devices, offering plates, etc. Traditional and online giving options are explained on the giving page of the website.

  • Food/Beverages: The café, water fountains, and other food/beverage services are not available.

  • Reporting: Should you become sick, please notify the church office immediately (717-264-8414; to report your condition and which on-site gathering you attended. Your identity will remain confidential; however, we need to inform others that they may have been exposed.

  • Entrances: Those gathering for worship should use the sanctuary door (facing Black Gap Road). Those gathering for other on-site activities should use the main entrance (carport) and Lower Lobby doors. These are the only doors which will be unlocked. You will also leave by these same doors.

  • Congregating: To limit risk of exposure, interaction should be limited to outside areas, Sunday School classes, and with those seated near you in the sanctuary. Common areas (narthex, lobbies, cafe, etc) should be kept free from congregating.

  • Worship Seating: Ushers will both direct you to seating areas and dismiss you so that safe distance may be maintained. This means you may not get to sit where you typically do. If you have mobility issues which limit where you can sit, please continue joining us online. After being dismissed, please exit the building directly, rather than visiting with one another inside.

  • Worship Pre-registration: To manage space and provide a record of attendance (in the event reporting is needed), pre-registration is necessary for on-site worship participation. You may reserve space either by using the online form (eProgram, website, and social media) or by contacting the church office (717-264-8414).

  • Adult Sunday School: Classes are free to gather in designated spaces. Classes must not exceed the COVID capacity of the room in which they meet. They are also responsible to assure that all guidelines are being followed for their on-site activities, and for reporting any potential exposure to those who participate in class activities. Use of non-designated areas of the building must be coordinated through the church office.

  • Meetings/Small Gathering Adult Ministries: Ministry team meetings and small gatherings of adults are free to gather based on the guidelines for Adult Sunday School.

  • Funerals and Weddings: Our sanctuary is available for funerals and weddings using the same guidelines as worship services. However, we are not able to facilitate either viewings or receptions at this time.

We recognize that some of us will disagree about some of these guidelines. We all want to get ‘back to normal’. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible at this moment. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that adjustments will be made as quickly as they become possible and/or necessary.