reopening process

The Governance Board has unanimously approved Phase One of our reopening plan, which enabled us to begin in-person worship gatherings on Sunday July 12, 2020. However, that doesn't mean we can act as if nothing has changed. We are exercising an abundance of caution as we reopen our facilities so that as many people as possible, are able to return as soon as possible and as safely as possible.

It is important that each individual and family decide for themselves when it is right to return to in-person gatherings. Some will be quick to return. Others won’t be able to return until after a vaccine is in place. Most will be somewhere in-between. All of these are good choices and we support you in making the right choice for your own health, safety, and comfort.

Please watch the video and use the links below to help make the decision that is best for your family and you.

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When Should i return?

The following links are provided to help you decide when it's right for you to consider returning to in-person gathering at Mount Pleasant Church:

how we are making decisions

We are closely monitoring information from the CDC, the PA Health Department and local agencies to be sure we are basing our decisions on the best medical guidance possible. We are also reviewing statistics in Franklin County and other parts of PA as well as best practices of churches across the region.

We will likely move more slowly than some other churches. But what works in one setting doesn't work in all. Please pray for our Reopening Task Team and Governance Board as we prayerfully and carefully plan to reopen our facility.